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Hand Crafted Heroes!

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As you may of noticed, Thrifty P likes to champion items made by hand.

The Hand Crafted section is where I sell to you homemade items from various individuals. At least that was the name of that particular category. I have decided to rename The Hand Crafted section: Hand Crafted Heroes!

Well I thought I should celebrate the epicness of my talented collaborators!

The first collection added to this section is the ARC range. This showcases a selection of knitted items by Ann Stuart. I have many more collections on there way, so look out for them in the next couple of months! Items you can expect to see added include more knitted items by other creators, hand made soaps, hand made fashion accessories and paintings.

I’ll be looking to share content relating to hand made items here on Thrifty P, as well as on linked social media. For example the Thrifty P Pinterest has a board for Hand Crafted Heroes, where I’ll showcase interesting makes around the world! Click here for the board which will be updated often.

Hand Crafted Heroes Board

So, if you are a keen buyer of hand made items, or perhaps you just want to appreciate the work of others, or maybe get some inspiration for your own creative makes, keep checking back regularly at Thrifty P!

Do you like to get crafty? Maybe you knit, sew, draw, paint, handy with paper crafts, whatever it may be if you create hand made products that you are interested in selling, I’d love to have the chance to buy them up to sell on this website, for Hand Crafted Heroes! to discuss!

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