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Products to Save Money With in 2019

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Hi, I hope you are all well. Like I am sure is the case for many of you, it has certainly been a busy 2018. Not just for me personally, but behind the scenes working on thriftyP. Although the website has not had many new posts this year, I have made strides with my sales, something I hope to increase further in the next year. As well as, naturally wanting to make more money I also want to save mire and I have been thinking about ways I could do just that for 2019. With this in mind, I will be featuring products which may help you to save money in the new year.


A GiffGaff SIM

OK. This is an option that may not suit everyone, but if your considering changing your current mobile network, give GiffGaff serious thought.

I have lost track how long I have been with this network but we are talking three or four years. And the money I must have saved after ditching my contract from Vodafone then to EE must be huge. Saving money, but not loosing out with a less quality experience, quite the opposite EE and Vodafone were an absolute disgrace customer service-wise and their network’s service was never up to anything special. I’m yet to have an issue with GiffGaff.

So the GiffGaff service runs on an 02 signal, and in my experience it must be a pretty good signal, as I practically always have a stable connection. One thing that concerned me before joining GiffGaff, and might others, was the fact that it was ‘The Network Run by You’. Now, personally I don’t want to be trusted to run a network, I have enough trouble running my own life and wouldn’t want to cause issues with the publics mobile phone affairs. You see, GiffGaff have no customer number help service to call, online chats etc. All queries are to be answered on a forum by other GiffGaff users (GiffGaff staff do join in here too). But do you know what? This set up is not an issue. In fact its a blessing. Yes we expect a company to offer phone service help. But have you ever used phone service help from the likes of EE and Vodafone? I have a lot, and every moment was like a waking nightmare. GiffGaff, questions are answered very quivkly by a customer service rep or GiffGaff user, in the seemingly less likely then EE or Vodafone chance you need some help.

But that is not the only plus for the above setup. GiffGaff is the only network where, not only can you ask for help on the forums, you can provide it and be paid for it. Yes you can actually earn money as a GiffGaff member, a great little extra. The other networks do not offer that, here you can save and earn!

Now I reckon I was paying around £40 or £50 on average a month for my days as a EE or Vodafone user (and that’s not to mention the £600 odd that Vodafone tried to fraudulently charge me). The above costs were for unlimited data, calls and texts which I have been getting for the past few years, for £20 a month with GiffGaff. You can buy even cheaper bundles, but I do find I like that data so stick to it, but you can chop and change to a different bundle at any time.

Of course the prices you pay for on your contract can include the cost of the phone if your not buying that outright. With GiffGaff you could buy your unlocked phone first then just setup GiffGaff or they offer pay monthly finance options on a range of popular phones that you can then just pick your GiffGaff bundle to suit

Lastly, GiffGaff have a referral system that pays and can earn you extra credit for signing others up, here is my affiliate link if you wanted to use it:

So, if your contract bill in 2018 just seemed too much money, why not see if you could save, and indeed earn a little extra by joining the increasingly big GiffGaff community.

What are your experiences with GiffGaff? Let me know in the comments below.

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