thriftyFinds 11/07/19

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Nice nostalgic TV-related find today!


The excellent Brookside in novel form, spotted three of them for 50p each in Cancer Research, Elm Park. These are from the early days of Brookie, all before the 90’s. In fact the book titled ‘Moving In’ is based on the opening episodes of where it all began for the soap.

Apart from the odd annual and I have seen the occasional Corrie novel, they don’t really release soap based novels like this anymore. At one time they did for all the major soaps, I can remember reading some EastEnders ones from that shows early days, too.

Ah Brookside. Long gone but never forgot. I’ll give these a read at some point.


Books based on the much-missed UK soap set in Liverpool

Also got this fetching small skull for 50p in a Richard House charity shop in Elm Park.

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