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Hi, Ben Stuart here.

Thrifty P is an online store, but not a typical one! I use this shop to sell items that I receive from my activity through Stuffhere Projects.

Some of these items will be sold second-hand, some of them will be brand new.

I also will be selling products that have been created by various talented individuals that I have worked with, you can find these in the Hand Crafted Heroes section.

So, with this format in mind, items will not necessarily be added to this store at any particular times. Therefore, at any one time, there may not be hundreds of items on offer, and sometimes there may only be one or a couple of each product in stock. It all depends on what I gain from projects on a monthly basis. The best way to use this shop then is to check back regularly, as different items could appear at any time, and there may only be a few of some in stock.

The big advantage for the customer is that I want to clear all the items I sell here as quickly as possible, meaning I’ll be sure to always be offering the best deals I can!

Some of what I sell will be ‘odds and ends’, meaning some categories will not be full that often, they may just have a couple of items of stock. But I have made categories where I know I will be regularly having items that full into that section, based on my company projects.

Categories that are specific to certain seasons/occasions are available to purchase all year round, they will be advertised and pushed to the front of the site when the related season/occasion arrives.

Product Condition & Image Guide

If an item is pre-owned it will be clearly described as such. To understand the condition of the particular product please read the product description carefully and view the corresponding photos.

You may notice that product image styles throughout this website vary. This is due to the photos being taken by a range of different sellers. Thrifty P does encourage each seller to send the best quality photos that they can, choosing the product image that best sells their items. The image shown to represent the product must be a true and accurate representation of it! The Thrifty P Store does its best to make sure that all images uploaded do meet this criteria. If you require further images of any products please contact us and we will do our best to arrange that for you. If you are selling items, you can use Stuffhere Projects’s Photography Service to photograph your items before they are added to Thrifty P.


Every now and then you may find a few random extras in with your order! There is no minimum order amount to qualify for this, it is purely at random. It’ll mostly be small freebies added, although on rare occasions something a bit more…… Although the freebies available will change from time to time, where possible you’ll get an item that relates in someway to something in your order!