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What is Thrifty P?

Thrifty P is brought to you by Stuffhere Projects. Thrifty P is an online store selling products gained from the projects of Stuffhere Projects. For example items from Stuffhere Projects Unboxing videos will be sold here. See the About page for more on what item categories are available!

What kinds of products can we expect to see?

What is up for sale will vary from time to time, depending on the current projects. However you can expect certain product types to feature consistently, for example certain item types are unboxed regularly, and some partners will have their products sold on an ongoing basis.

What condition are the products sold in?

This shop sells a mix of new and used items. The conditions will always be stated clearly in the product title, with further details in its full description. If a product is not brand new, then the image featured will always show the exact version of the item that is being sold.

If there is no mention of condition in either the product title or description then assume that the item is in brand new condition.

How are some of the prices so cheap?

As part of Stuffhere Projects, Thrifty P  implements the same structure of saving on running costs in ways that do not effect the customer in a negative way. For example this store uses free or reasonable options with regards to the sites running and format. Further more, recycled packaging is used where it is of good enough quality. Advertising is done with as little money as possible. These are just some examples. There is one area however where costs are not cut: the safety and security of this website and its users.

Aims of this site?

As mentioned Thrifty P has steps to help keep the running costs low. This is not only to increase profits, though. By reusing packaging, and saving products that would otherwise be destroyed, steps are taken to help cut down on waste. So one aim is to always find ways to cut down on waste where possible.

Can I get free items?

Actually, yes! From time to time freebies are inserted in orders at random. These will often be small collectables, such as an extra trading card or two. Other times it could be something else… You may also spot items offered for free in the shop, you’ll just be asked to pay the postage.

Is customer service important?

Yes, yes it most definitely is. Thrifty P wants to deliver the best customer service experiences it can, so your feedback is always valued in helping to reach those goals.