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ThriftyP’s items are gained in these ways:

Unboxing Videos

The contents of Stuffhere Projects’ Unboxing videos (see See the Stuffhere Projects YouTube channel) can often be purchased here. Just look for the videos marked #unbox&Buy.

I also sell items created by the talented individuals I collab with. These are homemade items such as paintings, knitted creations, and paper crafted inventions. I purchase the items from the seller and add them to Thrifty P!

If you would be interested in selling your homemade products please for a quote.

Another way I obtain items to sell to you is y the following. If I discover some stock is about to be destroyed/thrown-away/etc but is perfectly usable and fit enough for purpose, I aim to rescue it and sell it at a small price! Its about cutting down on waste as well as making a profit!