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The Next Big Zing!

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The next big thing in collectables could well be SuperZings. The draw with ‘Zings is that these creations are all ‘superfied’ versions of everyday objects, with a comic heroes and villains theme. Each figure will have their own super power-which I’m guessing will relate to the object that inspired them. For example, a microwave inspired SuperZing will have the power to be ice cold inside, but could burn villains for life with its outside. There will, of course, be rare characters to look out for. It just would not qualify as a collectable otherwise, would it?

SuperZings marketing campaign will be aired on TV, but also utilise social media including with unboxings, and feature webisodes to help introduce the colourful characters.

Speaking of the characters, they are brought to us by Magic Box Inc, and you should find them where collectables are sold in the next few days.

I have a feeling these will catch on quite big, maybe I’ll do an unboxing on the YouTube channel. I like their concept and hopefully, the little figures themselves will be well made. I do think it is nice to have a new potential collectable craze that would be suitable for some of the younger collectors. From the images I have seen, sorry I do not currently have any to share (but here is a link to a website that does), the characters all look like you can tell what everyday item they have been based on, and are painted eye-catching bright colours. Price wise, it looks like a small blister (maybe it will contain just a single figure) will be £0.80 with larger sets rising up to £12 rrp.

Remember Thrifty P is all about product based content, and if you like collectables I can promise they will be a regular feature on this blog! And, do not forget from time to time collectables may appear in the for sale section, just click on the shop to see!

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Collect Pokemon Cards? Take a look at the Thifty P ebay store!

The homepage for the Thrifty P ebay shop.

If your a Pokemon fan, in particular a Pokemon TCG collector, I’d recommend not only checking Thrifty P for the latest additions but also the Thrifty P ebay shop. Why? Because when cards are added, and there will be some auctioned every month, they usually end up selling for a great bargain price! The reason why they tend to go for such a wining amount is that I launch them with such low starting bids!

For example, this month every bid started at just 0.60p, and this was on a range of Rare, Ultra Rare and Secret Rare cards form the Burning Shadows expansion.

What’s more many wining auctions in the Pokemon TCG category, will find some extra free Pokemon cards when it comes to opening their package!

I have loads of different sleeves in stock, so your card will come in all sorts of interesting designed outer protection.

As a firm rule, all trading cards will always be sent out with protective backing to prevent them from getting bent on their way to your destination.

You may also like to check out the ebay page for various other items that will appear up for auction, including various other trading card series’.

As always with anything under Stuffhere Projects, customer service and customer satisfaction are my priorities, and that is no different for the Thrifty P ebay shop. When shopping with me on my ebay shop, you can trust in a quick and safe service.

Thrifty P ebay shop feedback.

I have taken a number of steps to help ensure users of the ebay shop have a great experience buying from me.

I have also taken steps against the very small minority of people who use ebay as a format to try and con buyers. Sometimes, ebay as a company make the right choice on who they side with regarding disputes. But, and like their partner in crime Paypal, they do often get it wrong. To help combat this, all my items will be sent tracked, I even make sure to photograph each item being posted should anyone try their luck on a ‘pretending they have not received their item’ type scam. By doing this I know if they have genuinely not received the item it must be the post services end and then that can be acted on accordingly. I do not want to have to rise costs because of loosing out to a few scammers, so these measures will help.

I mention all this above also because I have noticed a small rise in these kinds of scams lately, so be aware if you are an ebay seller.

Overall though, ebay still remains a solid platform for me to sell on, so you can expect items added for auction from Thrifty P regularly.

So if you have not already, have a look and see what is currently available at the ebay shop, and if everything has sold, check back often, or follow the shop so you don’t miss the chance to grab a great card at a great price! Here’s a link to the ebay shop, so you can catch them all a little cheaper: