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Packaging & Shipping Protection

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Learn about the steps Thrifty P takes to help ensure the quality of our Packaging & Shipping Process!

Its all very well for an online shop such as Thrifty P, or indeed any other, aim to offer good products and prices. But to get the value of  those attributes the products must arrive to you in top condition, exactly the condition that is advertised.

There are two main considerations for achieving this.

First its up to the online store in question to package the items well: The Packing Process. The right type of packaging for each item, enough packaging, and the packaging technique needs to be accurate. This store strives to achieve this, each and every time. And will continue to look at ways to improve how it is currently completed. To help lower the cost of the items sold to you, Thrifty P often uses recycled packaging (ie. packaging that has already been used to package an item previously). However it is only used if in ‘like new’ quality and would not effect the overall quality of the items packaging.


The next consideration would be The Shipping Process. Once an order has left Thrifty P it is then in the hands of the delivery service-currently its good old Royal Mail-to bring your order to your door. Now, considering the sheer amount of parcels and letters that Royal Mail send out a year, a high percentage reaches the correct recipient, and in undamaged form. However, there are of course some packages that either do not reach the recipient or reach them but with the packaging and/or its contents not in a satisfactory condition. I know how annoying this is as I have experienced it with my own personal orders quite a few times!

Of course this is not what we want our customers to be faced with. If you have chosen to use Thrifty P, we want to make sure that you as a customer receive your order as it should be, and end up as a happy customer. I like the idea of keeping customers happy-it gives a good feeling……oh yes and its good business practise! As well as from a customer satisfaction angle, I need to protect the business by making sure that Thrifty P knows it has made the correct measures to protect its order. Furthermore, in doing this, if Thrifty P knows it has made the right steps its end, it can narrow down where the delivery of an order went wrong. Once we know the issue is with the delivery service end Thrifty P will do its best to sort things out on behalf of the customer, and of course you are able to take the action you see fit within your rights. It is a frustrating part of online sales, relying on another delivery service. If Thrifty P gets something wrong, I will admit it and do my best to make amends. But if something goes wrong in the delivery process, then that has happened outside of our reach, and yet it is something that will directly effect the customers experience. The only way round that is if this store delivered its items itself, however as a small online shop that is sadly not possible at the moment!

So, Thrifty P will need to continue to use 3rd party delivery services. I’ll keep looking into new options, but at the moment Royal Mail is the solution. I have put in place some steps to help ensure that the Packaging & Shipping service from our end is as best as it can be, then once its over to the delivery team, Thrifty P will support in any way it can should any issues arise.

Before an order is dispatched, all containing items are photographed before they are packaged, in their inside packaging (ie bubble wrap etc) and with their outer packaging (ie the envelope). This will clarify any issues surrounding the way a package has been prepared. A photo is also captured of the item at its place of dispatch, should any issues arise over if the item was dispatched or not!

I will keep looking at ways to improve the Shipping & Packaging service, but in the mean time I hope this post may of reassured you that Thrifty P will always do its best to ensure your order reaches you in the tip top condition you deserve as a valued customer.

Any questions do not hesitate to get in contact.