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The Next Big Zing!

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The next big thing in collectables could well be SuperZings. The draw with ‘Zings is that these creations are all ‘superfied’ versions of everyday objects, with a comic heroes and villains theme. Each figure will have their own super power-which I’m guessing will relate to the object that inspired them. For example, a microwave inspired SuperZing will have the power to be ice cold inside, but could burn villains for life with its outside. There will, of course, be rare characters to look out for. It just would not qualify as a collectable otherwise, would it?

SuperZings marketing campaign will be aired on TV, but also utilise social media including with unboxings, and feature webisodes to help introduce the colourful characters.

Speaking of the characters, they are brought to us by Magic Box Inc, and you should find them where collectables are sold in the next few days.

I have a feeling these will catch on quite big, maybe I’ll do an unboxing on the YouTube channel. I like their concept and hopefully, the little figures themselves will be well made. I do think it is nice to have a new potential collectable craze that would be suitable for some of the younger collectors. From the images I have seen, sorry I do not currently have any to share (but here is a link to a website that does), the characters all look like you can tell what everyday item they have been based on, and are painted eye-catching bright colours. Price wise, it looks like a small blister (maybe it will contain just a single figure) will be £0.80 with larger sets rising up to £12 rrp.

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