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Welcome to Thrifty P!

Hi, I am Ben Stuart and Welcome to Thrifty P! I am the CEO for Stuffhere Projects and I use Thrifty P to sell items I obtain from the various projects and content I work on.

As an example, I do a lot of Unboxing videos, and so will often have the unboxed items for sale at Thrifty P!

As another example you will be able to purchase items created by the talented individuals I collab with,

Some items will fall under the ‘Pre-loved’ tag, so you can scoop up the chance to grab nearly new items at a nicely reduced price!

New products will be added often with great prices all over! For more details on pricing and other features of Thrifty P, please see the About page.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch

Oh, one other quick thing! I also sell products from my projects over on my ebay shop:

Ben Stuart, Stuffhere Projects CEO